New Toilet Installation Services for Newark, DE, Homeowners

If you’re looking for new toilet installation services for your home in the greater Newark, Delaware, area, you can find the products and services that are just right for you with Allura Bath and Kitchen. Since our founding in 2003, we have been the bathroom remodeling company of choice for countless homeowners throughout the region, and we’d be happy to provide you with new toilet installation services that meet your needs.

Installing a New Toilet

Whether your existing toilet has stopped working, is leaking, or has an outdated aesthetic, you can rely on Allura Bath and Kitchen to install a new toilet in your home. We proudly offer a wide range of toilet styles to suit your preferences, so you’ll be able to choose a product that best complements your bathroom design. Plus, you can rely on our trained and experienced technicians to ensure your new toilet installation is handled with precision and care for the lasting results you desire for your home.

What Styles of Toilets Are There?

There are many different toilet styles available, ensuring you’ll be able to choose the new toilet that’s just right for your Newark, DE, home. If you’re looking for an antique or vintage-style toilet, Victorian-style toilets can offer the more traditional aesthetic you’re looking for. Meanwhile, there is a range of new style toilet designs available if you’re looking for a more updated aesthetic for your bathroom remodeling project.

There are also different styles of toilet seats to choose from, with round and elongated seats being the most popular. An elongated toilet seat is typically more comfortable for taller individuals and those with mobility issues, while a round seat may be a better option for children.

Do Round or Elongated Toilets Flush Better?

Both round and elongated toilets offer reliable performance, with elongated toilets having slightly better flushing pressure. There’s less need for double flushes with an elongated toilet design as well.

What is a Modern Flush Toilet?

A modern flush toilet is one that uses a pressure-assisted flushers to flush the toilet. As found in most homes in the Newark, DE, area, they feature a cistern that holds water. When the flusher is pressed, water from the cistern is released into the bowl to flush the toilet. The most modern and advanced flush toilets are more efficient, offering higher pressure and using less water to flush the toilet.

Get Started on Your New Toilet Installation Project

If you’re ready to have new toilets installed in your home, turn to the professionals at Allura Bath and Kitchen. We can help you sort through your many options for a replacement toilet and help you find the design that’s right for your home in Newark, DE, or a nearby area. Plus, you can rely on our experienced technicians to answer any additional questions you may have about our new toilet installation products and services so that you can make your decisions with confidence. Contact Allura Bath and Kitchen today to get started.

“Great communication. Product was available when they said it would be. And very knowledgeable.”

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“Great communication. Product was available when they said it would be. And very knowledgeable.”