We knew you’d have some questions.

1.Do you have a showroom where I can come and look at samples and cabinet ideas?

Yes, we have a showroom that has a number of displays in multiple styles and colors to give customers ideas to create their space. We are open by appointment only to make sure we can give customers tailor-made service to best help them with their renovation.

2.  Can you repair my appliances or plumbing fixtures?

We do not repair, maintain, or sell appliances and plumbing products. If Allura installed the appliances or fixtures in the past, we will handle any warranty work in accordance with the manufacturer’s warranty.

3. I already have/am a contractor. Do you supply materials only or do you only oversee the ​entire renovation process?

Our most common way of doing business is with other professionals in the industry. We work closely with builders, interior designers, and contractors alike to handle everything from measuring the space to conceptualizing the design to ordering and delivering the materials. We can also handle the cabinetry installation and work alongside other contractors to complete the project.

4. How long does it take to remodel my kitchen or bathroom?​​

A typical turnkey kitchen job from demolition until completion of post-production touch-up takes between 8-10 weeks, and a typical bathroom takes between 4-6 weeks. Of course, the, timeline depends on the size of the job and any unforeseen circumstances that would affect the progress of the work.

5. At what point do you require payment to begin a job?​​

​We provide free measurements and estimates based on our initial design and your input. We will visit your space, design a concept for you, and price the project with materials and labor accordingly, all for no charge. If you wish to continue working with us on finalizing a design, we require a small deposit in order to further the design and planning process until you are ready to sign a contract. Once all materials and designs have been finalized, the Project deposit is due in order for us to begin construction.

6. Can I buy cabinets only and do the install and work myself?​​

Yes, absolutely. We take pride and enjoyment from designing amazing kitchens and baths, but we do not require that you use Allura contractors to perform the installation. We do, however, recommend having a professional install the products to achieve the best results.

7. Do you offer delivery with material only sales or do I need to pick up my cabinets?​​

Yes, Allura will deliver your materials with applicable sales tax if the delivery is outside the state of Delaware. Customers have the option of picking up their order in person from Allura’s warehouse.

8. How far away will you deliver?​​

An Allura employee can deliver anywhere within a 2-hour drive from our office. Depending on size of the order and our schedule we may be able to facilitate longer distances for a calculated fee.

9. Can you move/knock down/build walls in order to change the layout of my existing space?​​

Yes, Allura contractors are skilled in modifying room spaces to make any type of kitchen and bathroom design possible. Customers come to us to help make their dream space a reality.

10. Can you give me a price on cabinetry without coming and measuring my space?

Allura is willing to price cabinetry as a customer or contractor has specified; however, we do not make any guarantees on proper fit or sizing without in-person authentication from an Allura employee. We have a checklist of information needed in order to give an accurate estimate. Details are available upon request

“Great communication. Product was available when they said it would be. And very knowledgeable.”

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“Great communication. Product was available when they said it would be. And very knowledgeable.”

“Our work recently finished and we love it! Allura was helpful in design and advice, showed up in a timely way, communicated well with us each day, sought feedback and advice when needed and paid attention to details. They value customer satisfaction and it shows. Thank you Kerry, Connor, Sammy, Conor, Christian, Nathan, Jeremy, Jake & Alan!”

“Kerry was the BEST associate I've worked with throughout my renovation process. Knowledge, patient, and informative all in one package. I told her I will be back and will send customers her way. GREAT EXPERIENCE!!!!”